Video Drum Lessons


Check out the videos. There are severial styles of video content frrom live footage to playthroughs and video drum lessons. I will be updating and adding to these videos so check back often.

August Burns Red – White Washed

White Washed is one of my favorites to play simply because of the big drum intro and ending! Enjoy!

August Burns Red – Composure

Composure is a song from many, many years ago. I wrote it on the farm in 2007 and have enjoyed playing it ever since because of the differing tempos and time signatures! Enjoy!

August Burns Red – Provision

One of my favorite songs to play has always been a song called Provision. It has so many different parts and sounds and keeps me on my toes! Enjoy!

And 1 Loop

AND 1 is an exercise I developed when I felt like my linear fills were stagnant. If you feel like your feet independence is lacking or your inspiration for chopped up, linear fills then work on this exercise. Be patient, that hi-hat can be tough to keep on the quarter note!

2016 RLLR

I learned this as an exercise last year from my friend Adam Gray. It has quickly become a very useful fill that helps me get around the kit quickly. It is a linear pattern that I play as 1/16th notes and is one of those fills that you just canít help but smile about when you figure it out!


In The Studio Ė August Burns Red

In March of 2017 I recorded drums at Atrium Audio for the new August Burns Red record. Here is a section of drum tracking while recording ďSong 3.Ē

Drum Day Drum Solo

I did a drum clinic tour in 2014 called Drum Day with my friend Joe Longobardi (Defeater). In this video I play a short segment from the drum solo we performed daily in Guitar Center showrooms.


When I started playing drums it was hard for me to figure out how to use a paradiddle on my drum-set. This was the first application of a paradiddle on my drums that opened the door to using rudiments across my kit.

August Burns Red – Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins

In this video I play through a segment of Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins.

August Burns Red – Ghosts

In this video I play through a segment of Ghosts.

Writing Drums

Writing drums is my favorite aspect of being a drummer. Most of what I create never sees the light of day on an August Burns Red record but itís all about learning what works and what doesnít.

August Burns Red – Identity

In this video I play through a segment of Identity.

August Burns Red – Beauty In Tragedy

In this video I play through a segment of Beauty In Tragedy.

August Burns Red – Speech Impediment

In this video I play through a segment of Speech Impediment.

August Burns Red – Poor Millionaire

In this video I play through a segment of Poor Millionaire.

August Burns Red – Salt & Light

In this video I play through a segment of Salt & Light.

August Burns Red – Majoring In The Minors

In this video I play through the intro of Majoring In The Minors.

Drum Solo

I wrote a drum solo for our 10 Year Anniversary Messengers Tour in January 2017. Dustin (August Burns Red bass player) played the aux kit and brought the comedy every night!

2016 RLLF

My friend Adam Gray taught me this sticking and itís creeped its way into almost every aspect of my playing. R L L F

3 On The Feet, 4 On The Hands

I learned this independence drum beat years ago from a Thomas Lang DVD. Itís been helpful in separating my right foot from my left.

August Burns Red – Martyr

In this video I demonstrate how the intro to Martyr is placed (using paradiddles).

August Burns Red – Vital Signs

Taken from our performance in January 2017 at Playstation Theater in NYC during our 10-year anniversary Messengers tour.

Boom Ba Boom

In this video I demonstrate a syncopated 16th note hi-hat pattern played with a 4/4 beat.

The Seventh Trumpet

In this video I demonstrate how the breakdown in the August Burns Red song, ďThe Seventh TrumpetĒ is played.

The Blast Beat Pyramid

In this video I demonstrate an exercise Iíve been utilizing for years to practice blast beats.

Linear Hand/Feet Independence Exercise

In this video I play through an exercise I have used over the years to develop independence between my hands and feet (hi-hat keeps the quarter note).